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Boxers teach us toWe have received so many questions about the 'people' behind the scenes at the Daily Boxer.  Truth is, we are a regular family (probably like you) with 2 crazy boxers.  This website is a journal of our incredible experience with our four legged boxer babies.  We have blogged to share the hysterical and chaotic adventures with our friends and family (anyone who has spent some time at our home usually gets a good laugh).   The quirky, silly, and down right funny and hilarious things that our boxers do on a regular basis.  Our boxers, Daisy and Rosco, are integrated into every part of our family (including the extended family).  So, I now personally welcome to you to our crazy paw pad.

John and dogs  is the mastermind behind the marketing, design, and advertising of The Daily Boxer. Rosco can be found sitting on his feet or lap (which ever Rosco prefers at the moment) and Daisy is his "girl."  In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, reading and being outdoors (active like a boxer). is a full time Behaviorist, School Psychologist, and mom. I keep myself busy at The Daily Boxer by re-posting your pictures, writing articles, and answering your questions.  I often use my professional background to help answer your questions (boxers are not much different than a toddler).  However, I have gotten quite a veterinary education with both Rosco and Daisy over the years.  The Daily Boxer fulfills my need to be creative and socialize.

IMG_7530 (2)Are you training experts or veterinarians? No, we are just regular people who have done quite a lot of research and learned through experience in a little amount of time.  We love to share the information with you, in hopes that you can avoid some of the pit falls or decrease the amount of time spent looking for information.  Four years ago I had no idea what “kennel cough” was and looked frantically on the internet to find it and the information I did find, was inaccurate.

Rosco puppyHow did you find Rosco? We waited a VERY long time to welcome a doggie (mostly because we were in apartments).  After we bought our first home and I knew I would be off for the summer, I took the leap.  I did some research (not enough) about the type of pup I wanted (boxer).  I stopped at the first trendy pet store that I saw and took Rosco home.  After rescuing Daisy and learning about adoption, I would never purchase a puppy again (hence the "not enough" research part).

rescue girl Why did you decide to Rescue and Adopt? At first we decided to foster with a rescue organization to make sure that another boxer was  what we really wanted.  In the meantime, we figured we were also helping another boxer find a forever home.  It was a life changing experience for us. We were heartbroken when Rocky left us.  At that time, we decided that we were ready to add to our pack, permanently, and began looking for our forever dog.

rescue Daisy

Where did you rescue Daisy? I started looking online and through rescue organizations and many months later we ended up in NJ at Aunt Mary’s Dog House.  That night we came home with our sweet girl. You can read here story here. This picture was taken by Mary, right before we left her property with Daisy. She slept on my lap the entire trip home.

Do you make money when you recommend a product or service? Everything we post or blog about (products, services, agencies) are the things we genuinely like and/or use with our pups.  We may receive a commission should you decide to make a purchase through our links.  We thank you in advance as this money allows us maintain the Daily Boxer website and provide you great content.

IMG_2511 Do you have children (other than your boxer babies)? Yes, we have a son who is now 6.  He loves and tortures our boxers regularly.  However, it is reciprocated - Daisy and Rosco love and take good care of him.  Daisy sleeps by his bed every night, they have a special relationship and bond.  She is his "nana" and follows him everywhere.  Rosco is more of a playmate but the feelings are mutual.  It is incredible to watch them interact.

IMG_0376 (2) Do you only post pictures on your Facebook and Pinterest page of your boxers? No, we re-post your pictures. Actually, we post very few photos of our boxers.  Throughout this post, you've probably seen more pictures of them then you ever have.  Often times I am surprised by the pictures I re-post.  Some that I think will get tons of 'likes' and shares get very little and others I think will get no 'likes' or shares get so many.  You guys are constantly surprising me.

IMG_3894   Where did you get all of your information? We obtained all of our information through experience, online research, and the help of our amazing veterinarians.

Do you have more questions?  If so, I'd be happy to answer them- email us at !

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