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Where It All Began …

rosco and daisy pic
  They call me so many things. I am mostly confused these days.  Up until now, I was alone most of the time.  And when they were around, it was smoky and loud.  I preferred my tree.  It was quiet there.  It was located in the very back of the yard.  I couldn't go far from the tree but I liked it there, I watched the birds and was in the shade in the day.  At nighttime, it was sometimes scary and cold but I liked it during the day.  Sometimes I was really hungry and thirsty but it was better by my tree than in the metal thing in the garage with the smoke and the yelling. There was a sweet one, she came sometimes and fed me and played with me and took me for walks.  She told me I was a good dog.  I liked that a lot.  Then one day she took me to where she lived.  That's when it all changed.  I never saw that woman or man again.  There was no smoke, no yelling but there were cats.  They drove me a little crazy.  She fed me a lot, I mean a lot.  I always had water and she took me on really long, long walks.  I liked that. Then one day she  took me to a place that had a lot of little doggies. They called it Mary's house.  I was the biggest one.  I liked being around the other doggies, they all had stories like mine and they understood.  The sweet one cried a lot when she left.  I heard her beg Mary to find me what I deserved.  What ever that meant. My life changed so quickly after I went to Mary's.  This is my story and this is where it all began ...   This is the story of Daisy, a rescued boxer.  Her thoughts  and adventures are written by her forever mom and the author, Dayna Russo.  Be ready to laugh and cry, as you join her on her journey of life.          rescue girl

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