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Learn how to stop your Boxer from pulling on the leash

Our friend Dan over at Doggy Dan's Dog Training has allowed us to share some of his quick tips to help you stop your Boxer from pulling on the leash. Dan is a world renowned dog trainer and has helped thousands of dogs over the course of his career and was kind enough to allow us to share his 3 Key strategies to stop ANY dog from pulling on the leash. I can say from experience that trying to walk one or more boxers that are untrained on the leash is no fun task.  Boxers are big, muscular and have a tendency to "take off" after just about anything that catches their eye. In this 15 minute audit presentation Dan will explain his 3 step process to training your dog to stop pulling on the leash. Full training course here  Dan's 3 Step Process To Train Your Boxer to Stop Pulling on the Lead:
  1. Calm your dog
    1. Calm your dog while preparing for the walk and while walking down the driveway
  2. Have a structured and social walk
    1. Structured - you are in charge
    2. Social - dog allowed to pee, sniff and play
  3. Become the pack leader
    1. Win the dog's mind then train the body
  stop dog from pulling on leash

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