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Safety: Boxers and Children

Keeping both your children and boxers safe is important.  Children should be taught how to interact with all types of dogs.  As boxer families, I think we take for granted how loving, loyal, and gentle boxers are when compared to other dogs.  So it's natural for our children to think that all dogs are like our beloved boxers.


Below are 15 rules to teach children about interacting with dogs:

  1. Don't run up to, or yell and scream at a dog you don't know.
  2. Do not run away from a dog.  Dogs like to chase and chances are they will chase you if you are running away.
  3. Do not approach a dog that is without a person.
  4. Always ask if you can pet a dog FIRST.
  5. Always let a dog sniff your open palm first before you pet them.
  6. Never tease a dog.
  7. Do not take food, toys, treats or anything away from a dog.
  8. If a dog is barking, growling, showing teeth, or their hair is standing up- do not approach the dog.  Walk sideways and divert your eyes away from the dog.
  9. If a dog attacks you- get down into a ball and be still and quiet.
  10. Do not bother a dog that is eating or sleeping.
  11. If two dogs are fighting, don't try to stop them.  Go find an adult to help.
  12. If you see an injured dog, go get help.  Do not approach the dog.
  13. Don't stare at a dog's eyes - especially if the dog doesn't know you.  This is a sign of aggression and the dog might attack.
  14. If a frightened dog tries to get away from you, don't chase it.
  15. All dogs are not like you sweet cuddly boxer, so you must be careful.


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