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Do Boxers Need Grooming?

Yes, boxers need to be groomed.  There are important benefits to grooming your boxer.  Grooming helps keep your pup cleaner but it also let you check for any health problems.  It also helps to minimize housework by removing loose hair and trimming nails so they don't scratch floors or furniture.  Here are 6 areas to focus on when grooming your boxer:
  1. Coat- Besides bathing, brushing your boxer before a bath will help remove loose hair.
  2. Feet and Nails- check between toes and pads to remove any debris (sticks, rocks) that might get stuck.  Keep your boxer's nails trimmed short.  Be careful not to cut the quick.  If you do, put a little styptic powder or corn starch and dip the nail to stop bleeding.
  3. Ears- You can use ear cleaner and cotton balls.  Squirt the cleaner in the ear, then push the ear flap over the opening of the ear and massage a little, then wipe with cotton balls.  Be ready for a little shake of the head (and a little mess).
  4. Eyes- Boxers have beautiful eyes, especially because they are so expressive.  However, they protrude slightly and are prone to irritations and injuries.  For white boxers, the discharge leaves a brown stain- use a paper towel and get some saliva from your boxers mouth and rub gently.  It helps remove the stain natural if you do it regularly.
  5. Teeth- Gum diseases are common in adult dogs.  Brushing their teeth regularly with dog toothpaste (never people products) helps keep the mouth, teeth and gums healthy.  Also watch your dog's diet (no sugar treats).
  6. Wiggle-Butt- You know you love the wiggles but I am actually talking about the anal sac (glands)- when they release the odor well ... YOU WILL KNOW.  At times these glands become impacted and need to be excreted.  Have your vet show you how to do this, it's easiest when you are giving them a bath.  Chronically impacted glands can be relieved by a high fiber diet.
Here are some other tips when grooming your boxer. Happy grooming!  Make sure you send us your funny stories and pictures of your boxer(s):    

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