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Splish Splash, Boxer Taking A Bath!

bath time collage

Most boxers don't need a bath very often, unless they are like mine and roll in stinky stuff as a pastime.  But occasionally you will bathe your boxer so here are a few helpful tips.

1.  Begin bath training early.  Make the experience pleasant.  Massage and talk to your boxer calmly throughout. 2.  Reward while your boxer is in the tub, during the bath.  You don't want to only reward afterwards and teach them that it's good to be out of the tub. 3.  Make sure everything you need is within reach (i.e., dog shampoo, cotton balls, nonslip mat, container for rinsing, towels) 4.   ONLY use dog shampoo.  People Shampoo (even baby shampoo) will dry out your dogs skin and coat. 5.  Make sure you rinse thoroughly so soap residue does not irritate the skin. And since boxers are known for skin issues, this is an important step. My boxers tolerate baths but do enjoy when I massage them with the water off. Don't forget to email your pictures and bath time stories to:

boxer bath

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