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5 Things To Look For in Quality Dog Food

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This post is about gas.  Not the gas that keeps your car running or the gas that heats your home... I'm talking about the gas that comes out of your boxers body that can clear a room in seconds. You see, my boxers have very sensitive stomachs (as do most Boxers) and for years I was dealing with embarrassing situations where I would have company over and one of my pups would enter the room and pass gas. Within seconds everyone would laugh and have to leave the room. Sound familiar? After this happened a few times I made it my mission to understand what caused flatulence in dogs and how to fix it.  Here's what I found out: All dogs can develop flatulence, especially if they’re fed a low-quality food with fillers and artificial preservatives. Until this point I was feeding my dogs the big brand names you see on TV and in most pet food stores. Most of these brands are "veterinarian recommended" so they must be ok right? Wrong! Most of the brand name dog foods are LOADED with fillers, corn products and all types of other junk. No wonder my dogs gastrointestinal system was in distress, I was feeding them poison! After further research I uncovered the Top 5 Things to look for in quality dog food
  1. Choose premium rather than generic or economy-brand dog food
  2. Meat-not a meat by-product-should be first on the list of ingredients
  3. There is minimal to no corn, cornmeal or wheat, fillers that can irritate allergies
  4. There are minimal to no chemical preservatives
  5. Omega fatty acids, which have great health benefits, are included in the ingredients
Armed with this information I researched every dog food you can think of and came up with one brand that included all the requirements above and didn't break the bank... Petcurean GO! Within days of feeding my pups GO! the excessive gas stopped, their coats became shinier and they just seemed happier overall. Don't get me wrong, they still had some gas after they ate but it was minimal (and tolerable). For a limited time Petcurean is offering a Free Trial bag of their NOW FRESH or GO! brand dog food.  Go here to get yours today!

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