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Boxers: Average Weight and Differences in Styles

boxer weight
The following is a recap of a conversation about Average Weight and Style Differences in Boxers.
Dennis's 1st Question about Weight: "My Sammy is 90lbs. and what I'd like to know is just how big do they [boxers] get? Most sites say 70lbs." Sammy is 6 years old and was rescued by Dennis when he was 8 months old. 
Daily Boxer's Response:  Most information I've read say that a Boxer's average weight ranges from 60-80 lbs.  However, that doesn't mean that there are not exceptions to the rules (hence your Sammy).  Males tend to be a little larger and females tend to be a little smaller.  It also depends on birth order factors.  My male boxer was the runt so he is only 63 lbs. whereas my female is (also a rescue) 65 lbs.  We have a guy in our neighborhood that walks  his boxer and it is huge, got to be around 100 lbs. 
Dennis's 2nd Question about Style Differences: "Now how about the difference between American and German......or is there really." 
Daily Boxer's Response:  There are many different views about style differences.  Boxers originated in Germany.  So, I think it depends on who you speak to - but it is a widely asked question.  In my research on boxers, I think it depends on the breeder and the area you live.  Many years ago both the American and German Boxers looked very similar.  Now most sites say that German Boxers are larger and American Boxers are smaller.  As you know, breeding has different focuses (and standards) depending on the area so that might be part of the reason for the change that is now well documented.  Here's a great website that has a full discussion with pictures led by a show judge ... 
So, what's your view on the above topics?

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