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Can your boxer help you lose weight?

Weight Loss

Keeping your yourself and your boxer healthy can be challenging, particularly when your overweight.  Not only can being overweight cause health problems and risks for you, but if your boxer is overweight - it can shorten their lifespan.  Unfortunately, as most of us know- boxers lifespans are too short to begin with! Having an over weight or obese boxer leads to many health problems for them (pancreatitis, osteoarthritis, joint problems, cruciate ligament ruptures-to name a few).  Chances are if you are not eating healthy -neither is your boxer.  It's easy to give a treat here and there, especially when those expressive boxer eyes are begging.  But those treats add up and before you know it your boxer is overweight.  Research has shown that 25% restriction in food intake for your dog can increase median life span and delay the onset of signs of chronic diseases. So how do you keep you and your boxer healthy? We all know the answer ... eat healthy and exercise.  Boxers are active dogs, so exercising them will be easy.  The problems is ... YOU and the question is "how do we keep you exercising"?  There is much research that states that having a partner; helps you stay focused, keeps you motivated, and makes exercising more pleasant.  So look no further than your ... boxer.  It will not only lengthen their lives but help you lose weight too.  Below are a few steps to keep you and  your boxer healthy.
  1. Train your boxer an exercise command word.  For example, if I say the word "walk", my boxer makes it nearly impossible not to take her for a walk (cries, follows me around, sighs loudly, woo-woos at me).  I also use the word "backyard" when I intend to play ball or run with her.  Find a word that describes what you will be doing and say that word before and during the exercise often.  Boxers are intelligent, it will not take long before your boxer learns to associate the word with the activity.
  2. Set realistic goals.  If you can only go for a walk 4 times per week, set your goal to 3 times per week.  It will make you happy to feel that you have achieved your goal and you will be more likely to continue.
  3. Do you love your boxer? Most boxer families would say "YES".  Both you and your boxer are worth the hard work.  So before you give your boxer that extra treat or skip your exercise for the day- ask yourself how long do you want your boxer around? They need you (to  be healthy) and you need them! So NO more excuses- just find a reason to do it!
An article from Ceasar's Way (on Ceasar Milan's website) also states:
1.  How you care for yourself is closely to the way your care for your dog. 2.  Incorporating your dog into your exercise or walking routine can make weight  loss fun for both of you. 3. Your dog will be your best exercise coach and motivator.
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