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Dog Park: Is Your Boxer Safe?

Are your dogs up-to-date on all the important vaccines?  When going to a dog park or in a public place with your boxers.  They come into contact with a lot of things.  Can you guarantee that they are safe.  Recently NBC posted a story on the increase of a deadly disease that has infected dogs in Ohio.  I started to think about all of the places I go and take my boxers.  Fortunately, my boxers are up-to-date with all their shots and rarely play with dogs that they don't know and I never take them to dog parks.  For me, dog parks are a breeding ground for germs and diseases. It's kind of an unspoken code, but every pet owner has the responsibility of keeping their pups up to date on all of their vaccinations. And how would you know if every pup at the park are vaccinated and free of contagious diseases?   Of course, not everyone feels the way I do about dog parks. My alternative is to set up play dates with people who I know take very good care of their pups.  But according to this news story, that doesn't guarantee that they are safe. So what are your thoughts?  Are your boxers safe?outside play

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