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How To Keep A Boxer’s Aging Mind Sharp!

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For some of us the enjoyment of routine daily exercise is on our “to do” list.  And there are many people that are faithful walking their dogs or running them daily.  Boxers especially need to release their high energy levels as well as we do.  However, if you are not walking your dog daily perhaps you might consider doing so to prevent his brain from aging. A recent article posted by Psychology Today, states our minds are healthier when we MOVE.  And.. so much more for your boxer!  The article goes on to state ...
physical activity may help to strengthen the brain and offset the effects of aging in the same way that increasing mental activity does. Scientists already know from laboratory experiments that rats who spend a lot of time running in exercise wheels have better brains than their lay about lab mates. Their brains do not show as much shrinkage with age as their inactive comrades, and the effects are most marked on those areas of the brain that are often associated with memory functions and reasoning...
So even a simple walk a day for a short period of time, not only helps you clear your head but, can prevent or slow down the brain’s aging process for you and your canine.  And now that the weather in certain parts of the country have started to “think spring” perhaps it’s a good reason to take that leash and go for a simple 20 minute walk.  The outdoor scenery after a long inside winter will chase away those winter blues for not only you but your boxer! *Bruno, a 10 year old boxer, is featured in the above picture from Mike Lofenfeld Photography.  A special "thank you" to Mike for allowing us to use this beautifully captured photograph. Email us and tell us your thoughts:  Please don't forget to 'like', share, tweet, and Pin this article!  

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