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Revving Up and the Summer Heat

Ace -posted by Talia
As the summer kicks into full gear it is important to remember safety for your boxer.  Many people love to bring their boxers on fun excursions throughout the summer (I know we do).  It is important to remember that although bringing your boxer(s) along for the ride and fun, running into the local gas station mart or 7-11 can be very dangerous for your boxer. Below is chart of how hot it can get in a car: Temperature-inside-car-chart In 10 minutes at 95 degrees out the car temperature is 114!  That's almost 1 degree per minute.  A small crack in the window does not prevent the car from getting hot or keep the air in the car cooler.  Please make sure you keep your boxers safe and plan ahead! And enjoy those excursions, we know your boxer(s) do/does too!  

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  1. Debbie October 25, 2014 at 1:23 am #

    I have an automatic car starter so when I step out of the car I lock it and then start the car with my key fob so that he has constant AC. Of course I only do this when I’m just running in to the gas station, I would never leave him alone when shopping at the grocery. It’s just an idea for those that need to run in the store real quick.

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