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4 Tips to School Proof Your Boxer!


With the kids going back to school.  Your life gets a bit more hectic, but your boxer's life gets a bit more lonely.  And as we already know, Lonely and Bored boxers become Destructive Boxers.   Below are 4 ways to help your Boxer during the Back to School Season.
  1. ROUTINE - be consistent about feeding schedules and exercise.  Make sure your boxer gets their daily exercise.  Doggie day care can get quite expensive but hiring a dog walker mid-day might be an option.
  2. CRATE TRAIN - if you've got a young pup or any boxer that is going to be alone for more than 6 hours.  Consider using a crate.  Boxers are people dogs, they want to be near you always and can become destructive when isolated or left alone.  Crating them will not only keep them safe (electrical wires, eating things they shouldn't, etc.) but also your house and stuff safe too.
  3. CHALLENGE - Boxers love to be challenged.  Buy a puzzle feeder or freeze hollow bones with peanut butter and then hide them.  Boxers are great problem solvers, this could keep them busy trying to find and figure it out while your out.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGE THEM- Find a few minutes before and after school/work to let the kids (or you) play with your Boxer.  It can make quite a difference. Remember they love their people and thrive from the attention.  Give it back to them, even when you don't think you have a minute -YOU DO!
Remember routine and schedule changes are an adjustment for all of us including our Boxers.  Chances are, your boxer will adjust and you will come home and find your them like this: upsidedown4 The Daily Boxer would like to wish you and your boxers a safe and happy School Year!   

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