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Are You Prepared To Evacuate Your Boxer?

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There are so many articles on how to prepare families for evacuations .  It rarely includes ALL of our family.   Just because we consider our boxers family, doesn't mean the rest of the world does.  Below are several websites that offer good information on what to do with our boxers during an evacuation and/or disaster.
  1. The ASPCA offers 6 important steps to know and be prepare in the event of a disaster and/or evacuation.  These steps include: getting a rescue alert sticker, arranging a safe haven, having emergency supplies or travel kits, choosing designated caregivers, having an evacuation plan, and considering geographic and climate considerations.
  2. The Red Cross offers similar advice.
  3. FEMA offers guidelines on preparing and protecting your pets in the event of a disaster.
  4. offers a PDF on how to put together an emergency supply kit and how to make a plan to be prepared.
  5. Wikihow also offers advice on how to prepare an emergency plan for your pets which includes developing a buddy system and talking to your veterinarian.
It is much too often that after disasters (Hurricanes, Tornados, etc.) we hear stories of pets being lost, hurt, or misplaced and how quickly our shelters and rescue fill up.  It is important to be prepared and educated.

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