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5 Reasons I’m Thankful For You

Count your blessings. You are one of a kind. There's no one in the world like you. You are amazing. - Richard Simmons
If you live here in the states – you’re probably about to feast on some turkey, side dishes & fixings, desserts, and perhaps watch some football! While we at The Daily Boxer are enjoying the day with our family, we did want to drop a quick email to let you know how fortunate we feel to have you as a member of our community. Which is why today’s email is dedicated to six things we are grateful for at the DB:
  1. Healthy pups - This year our boxer, Daisy, underwent a mandibulectomy to remove a large cancer growth in her mouth.  She is fine now and there is no sign of new growth.
  2. Our friendship - We are grateful to be connected with others who love their dogs as much as we do.
  3. The Internet - The Internet has allowed us to share our stories and the stories of our readers with the world.
  4. Love & Laughter - We are grateful for all the funny pictures and stories our members send us.  It definitely keeps us laughing.
  5. Thanksgiving Day - We are grateful that there is a day we can combine out three favorite things: family, food & football!
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!   p.s. Check out this hilarious video I just came across.

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