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After The Boxer, Of Course You’re #1

boxer mug

My husband always jokes that he is the last in line in our family (first the baby, then the boxers, and then him).  Obviously this is not the case (well maybe at times, after all boxers wiggle and don't speak).  Often times, I would say yes dear "Of Course You're #1" and under my breath whisper after the baby and boxers of course.   It seems the more and more I speak to other boxer lovers, the more I realize how much they capture our hearts and become such and integral part of our family.  Of course for me, The Daily Boxer is a constant reminder of how important your boxers are to you as well. I have included some of our new items below, hope you like them. The above pictured mug is a special order mug ($25), please email If you would like to share your story, we would love to post it for you ... email!  

After The Boxer Shirt

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