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Boxers and Weddings


It doesn't surprise me that we (as boxer families) incorporate our boxers into everything.  On our wedding day, we took our pictures and then came back to take pictures with our boxers.  If I could've had them at the ceremony, I probably would have but the venue wouldn't allow it.  Boxers become such a big part of our lives and now our weddings. A recent article posted on the Commercial-News website, features an article about how one family incorporated their boxers into their wedding ceremony.
Picture courtesy of Tammy & Tony O'Neal

Picture courtesy of Tammy & Tony O'Neal

So, if you are planning a wedding -why not incorporate your best friends.  They have so many great ways to do this, that I wished I spent more time planning for our wedding with our boxers in mind.  Below are some great ideas.

Have them greet your family and friends.

If you are a little skeptical of your dress.  After the wedding day, plan a trash the dress day.

Kendall Singleton's Pinterest Picture

Kendall Singleton's Pinterest Picture

 And of course incorporating them into your pictures and memories.

Stacie Richter's Pinterest Picture

Stacie Richter's Pinterest Picture


Kisses for Good Luck!

Kate Hudson & her boxer on her wedding day!

Kate Hudson & her boxer on her wedding day!

Whatever you choose to do on your wedding day will be beautiful.  We'd love to hear your ideas and stories-  Email:

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  1. Jennifer November 3, 2013 at 11:53 pm #

    Our 2 boxers, Gabby and Isabelle were our bridesmaids.. The flower girls walked them down the aisle and they sat like little solders while mommy and daddy exchanged vows… we could not have imagined our wedding without them.. we picked our venue based o
    n the girls being able to join us for our special day.

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