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WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water, so you don't have to worry about stagnant or empty water bowls. WaterDog senses your dog's approach, and automatically dispenses a cool, clean stream of fresh drinking water. Smart sonar sensing technology triggers the WaterDog to turn the water on when your pet comes within 3 feet (1 meter), and turns it off when your pet leaves. You'll never have to worry about what your dog's been drinking again.
Constructed of durable, high-quality UV resistant materials, the WaterDog has been designed to provide many years of reliable service. The WaterDog's hose has a metal covering to protect it from chewing and to reflect heat to help keep the water cool, even on bright sunny days.
WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain

Key Features and Specifications

  • Operates automatically, providing fresh water when your pet approaches.
  • Sonar proximity sensor automatically turns the water on when your dog is near, and turns it off again when it leaves.
  • Senses your dog’s presence within a 40-degree angle in front of the unit, and up to 3 feet (1 meter).
  • Accommodates your dog day and night for up to one year on 4 C-cell batteries.
  • Connects quickly and easily to any outdoor faucet.
  • Fully adjustable height.
  • Includes a flow-through connector to accommodate your garden hose as well
  • Assembly required; see an image of all parts.

How It Works

The WaterDog is an automatic drinking fountain that is designed to give your pet direct access to fresh clean water, at any time. A sonar-based proximity sensor triggers the WaterDog to turn the water on when your pet comes within three feet (one meter), and turns it off when your pet leaves. Dogs quickly learn that they can always get a drink from the WaterDog. This greatly reduces the risk of your dog becoming dehydrated on a hot day, or developing disease from a contaminated water bowl. The WaterDog attaches easily, without tools, to any outdoor faucet, and the height is fully adjustable to suit any sized dog. With the "Y" connector (included), you can connect a garden hose alongside the WaterDog, so you never need to remove the device to water your garden.

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