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Safety: Boxers and Children

Keeping both your children and boxers safe is important.  Children should be taught how to interact with all types of dogs.  As boxer families, I think we take for granted how loving, loyal, and gentle boxers are when compared to other dogs.  So it’s natural for our children to think that all dogs are like our […]

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Ceasar Milan – The Dog Whisperer

In this video, Ceasar Milan addresses some of our boxers most challenging behavior (jumping fences, excitement, etc.).  He reviews how to divert your boxers energy in a more positive way.  The episode is the 2nd of the two dogs that are featured.  Skip about half way into the show, if you only want to see […]

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Boxer Trust

3 Ways to Gain your Boxers Trust

Dogs Trust …is something that is earned and not automatically given.  It may take some time and training depending on your boxer’s personality, temperament, dominance, and level of fear to get them to trust you. Rosco was a shy, timid, fearful boxer puppy when we first met.  In a small 5’ x 5’ cubical in […]

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