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Gingival Hyperplasia and Boxers Teeth

What is it? And why is it important for me to know? Let’s start with “what is it?”  Gingival Hyperplasia (also known as Fibromatous Periodontal Hyperplasia) are firm, non-painful swellings or lesions attached to the gingiva.   Basically the gum line looks like little tumors that grow slowly and start to surround and sometimes cover the teeth.  When this happens, […]

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Do Boxers Need Grooming?

Yes, boxers need to be groomed.  There are important benefits to grooming your boxer.  Grooming helps keep your pup cleaner but it also let you check for any health problems.  It also helps to minimize housework by removing loose hair and trimming nails so they don’t scratch floors or furniture.  Here are 6 areas to focus on when […]

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Splish Splash, Boxer Taking A Bath!

Most boxers don’t need a bath very often, unless they are like mine and roll in stinky stuff as a pastime.  But occasionally you will bathe your boxer so here are a few helpful tips. 1.  Begin bath training early.  Make the experience pleasant.  Massage and talk to your boxer calmly throughout. 2.  Reward while your […]

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