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4 Tips to School Proof Your Boxer!

With the kids going back to school.  Your life gets a bit more hectic, but your boxer’s life gets a bit more lonely.  And as we already know, Lonely and Bored boxers become Destructive Boxers.   Below are 4 ways to help your Boxer during the Back to School Season. ROUTINE – be consistent about feeding schedules and exercise.  Make sure […]

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What to do during a Dog Fight?

It is rare that we see aggressive behavior in boxers, especially since they are such a fun loving, easy-going, clown around breed. But it can happen, and when it does- its cause is usually from extraneous stimuli or outside influences other than the breed itself. Some dogs might fight when they are afraid or feel threatened, […]

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6 Reasons the NFL should hire Boxers

There are many reasons that boxers would be good at sports.  But since we are beginning a new football season, I thought it would be fit to review some fantastic qualities boxers have that would make them great at playing American Football. What every coach looks for in terms of qualities for their players is their… […]

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Boxer Traits or Quirks???

The personality of boxers are unique.  If you have ever opened your heart and home to a boxer you already know this fact.  They are silly, funny, loveable, naughty, loyal, energetic dogs. Very few articles really portray the boxer personality the way we (as their family) can.  Typically, articles will say things such as “The […]

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