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Best Boxer Sweater EVER!

A few of you have asked … so, the sweater (not coat) that I found to fit our boxers perfectly is the RC Pet Products Cabin Sweater Dog Sweater Trust me I have tried a few and they all seem to be way to long (because of the broad chest they have) or they are […]

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Dial-a-Distance Leash Review

The Dial-a-Distance Leash is a retractable leash.  The one major difference from other retractable leashes is that it will automatically stop extending at the maximum length you choose (up to 15′).  It also has the customary manual thumb brake.   So what did we think of this leash… it was great.  I have a regular […]

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ThundersSnap Leash Review

  The ThunderSnap Leash is such a cool leash.  So basically it has 2 parts, the leash and the collar cap that remains on the dogs collar (see picture to above). It utilizes powerful magnets (that hold up to 300 lbs.) with a ball-bearing latch mechanism to quickly secure the leash to the collar. So […]

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Prettiest Collar/Leash Review

Two Horse Tack produces adorable and pretty dog collars and leashes. They claim that their products are “stink proof” and washable beta biothane. So since we’ve got stinking boxers, we wanted to test them out. First off, the collar is beautiful. And we figured if it can hold a horse-  it would probably hold our […]

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5 Reasons I’m Thankful For You

Count your blessings. You are one of a kind. There’s no one in the world like you. You are amazing. – Richard Simmons If you live here in the states – you’re probably about to feast on some turkey, side dishes & fixings, desserts, and perhaps watch some football! While we at The Daily Boxer are enjoying the […]

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After The Boxer, Of Course You’re #1

My husband always jokes that he is the last in line in our family (first the baby, then the boxers, and then him).  Obviously this is not the case (well maybe at times, after all boxers wiggle and don’t speak).  Often times, I would say yes dear “Of Course You’re #1” and under my breath […]

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Varsity Ball Product Review (video)

The Varsity Ball is an outdoor play ball that is intended to be used for athletic and high-energy dogs.  It is designed to be ultra-durable and addictive and to mimic the movements of a live play companion, so your dog will play with it for extended periods of time independently. My 65 pound- high energy, destructive […]

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Thunderleash Product Review

The Thunderleash is a leash that can quickly and easily turn into a “no pull” harness. I have used this leash with 65 pound boxer for about 2 years and I can honestly say, it’s my go-to leash.  Mostly because it avoids me having to use a choke collar.  This leash is a safe and effective alternative to controlling your boxer […]

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Boxers and Weddings

It doesn’t surprise me that we (as boxer families) incorporate our boxers into everything.  On our wedding day, we took our pictures and then came back to take pictures with our boxers.  If I could’ve had them at the ceremony, I probably would have but the venue wouldn’t allow it.  Boxers become such a big […]

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