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Boxers and Pain: 9 Telltale Signs

  How do you know if your boxer is in pain?  After my boxer went through a surgery, my veterinarian asked me to monitor her very closely for signs of pain or discomfort.  When I asked, “how will I know if she is in pain?”  He replied, “she will act out of character.”  My first thought was I know […]

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Can Boxers Improve Your Heart?

A recent article by Psychology Today, states that your dog may improve your heart health and reduce stress.  The article summaries by saying that studies show that having a pet can actually reduce the chance of heart illness and blood pressure related illness. Personally speaking,  I totally understand the effect a family pet can have on […]

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What is Osteoarthritis and What Can You Do?

  Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints.  Dogs often show an intermittent lameness that slowly becomes more severe and frequent with time.  Some dogs have a stiff gate.  Other dogs are affected by the weather (especially cold).  Since boxers are working and athletic labeled dogs, they are at risk. In a recent study published […]

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Who is … The Daily Boxer?

You asked and we are telling…     We have received so many questions about the ‘people’ behind the scenes at the Daily Boxer.  Truth is, we are a regular family (probably like you) with 2 crazy boxers.  This website is a journal of our incredible experience with our four legged boxer babies.  We have blogged to […]

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Does Your Boxer Have A Left Paw or Tail Wag Preference?

In a recent research article reported by Psychology Today , it indicates that dogs with a left paw preference may be different emotionally.  The article starts by stating some research about tail wagging: Tail wagging movements of a dog are biased to the right or left depending upon whether they view a situation as being […]

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Cesar Millan contacts The Daily Boxer

Cesar Millan contacts The Daily Boxer to tell us about his new show Cesar 911: Dog Fight which premiered on Friday, March 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD and features boxers. In this episode Josh (a concern neighbor) asks for Cesar’s help with two aggressive boxers, Chip and Mocha who terrorize their neighborhood and have attacked more than […]

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Varsity Ball Product Review (video)

The Varsity Ball is an outdoor play ball that is intended to be used for athletic and high-energy dogs.  It is designed to be ultra-durable and addictive and to mimic the movements of a live play companion, so your dog will play with it for extended periods of time independently. My 65 pound- high energy, destructive […]

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