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Heartbreaking Story of Emaciated Boxers!

This is so disturbing to me that anyone would treat one of our sweet loving boxers this way. Mail Online reports two Boxers (two-year-old brothers) were rushed for life saving treatment to  a veterinary center run by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to  Animals (ISPCA).  The article stated: They feature in a […]

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Boxer Hero

USA Today, sadly reports boxer dies after saving child.  ATLANTA — Despite suffering life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car, a guide dog saved the life of his owner’s child, leading a family to call him a hero. On Monday, Dave Furukawa, who is visually impaired, was walking his young son to school along with […]

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Boxers and Weddings

It doesn’t surprise me that we (as boxer families) incorporate our boxers into everything.  On our wedding day, we took our pictures and then came back to take pictures with our boxers.  If I could’ve had them at the ceremony, I probably would have but the venue wouldn’t allow it.  Boxers become such a big […]

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Boxers and Cancer!

Most boxer owners have either experienced or heard that boxers have a high rate of cancer.  In a recent article posted by Science Daily about breed-specific causes of death, the following cancer/boxer information was reported: Golden retrievers and boxers are known to have high rates of cancer (50 and 44 percent of deaths, respectively), but the researchers […]

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Help For Thunder-Phobic Boxers

New research from Penn State suggests that consoling your dog does little to relieve their anxiety during a thunderstorm.  Science Daily reports: Thunderstorm-anxious dogs not only suffer classic signs of fear — including pacing, whining and hiding during a storm — but also show a 207 percent spike in the production of cortisol, a hormone […]

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Boxers Associate Words Differently Than Us

  Recent research suggests that our boxers (and all dogs) learn to associate words differently than we do.  Science Daily reports on a study that suggests that dogs associate objects by size or texture and NOT by shape:  The article concludes that… Though your dog understands the command “Fetch the ball,” but he may think […]

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Firefighters: One Boxer’s Heros

An article and video from the Huffington Post. A female boxer named Stella has the dedicated men of the Santa Monica Fire Department to thank for her new leash on life. Stella’s owners weren’t home when a fire broke out on Saturday morning in a 5-story apartment building, KTLA5 reports. She had hidden herself behind […]

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outside play

Dog Park: Is Your Boxer Safe?

Are your dogs up-to-date on all the important vaccines?  When going to a dog park or in a public place with your boxers.  They come into contact with a lot of things.  Can you guarantee that they are safe.  Recently NBC posted a story on the increase of a deadly disease that has infected dogs […]

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dogs detects cancer

Dogs Being Trained To Sniff Out Cancer

Dogs can use their noses to sniff out bombs and drugs, lead manhunts for murderers, and rescue people from disasters. And, now, they can even diagnose diseases. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center are training a team of retrievers and Dutch or German Shepherds to use their extremely sensitive noses to sniff out […]

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