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Cesar Millan contacts The Daily Boxer

Cesar Millan contacts The Daily Boxer to tell us about his new show Cesar 911: Dog Fight which premiered on Friday, March 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD and features boxers. In this episode Josh (a concern neighbor) asks for Cesar’s help with two aggressive boxers, Chip and Mocha who terrorize their neighborhood and have attacked more than […]

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Can You Help Rocky? reported (Wednesday, February 19, 2014) that Rocky is a boxer that is need of a loving home.  The article states … Rocky has the heart and soul of a champion. All this boxer needs now is for a winning team to step up and give him a second chance at the happy ending that has […]

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Daisy’s Rescue -A Story of Hope and Resilience

Daisy’s rescue began in 2009.  After we fostered, we decided it was time for Rosco to have a permanent friend.  Rescuing was our first choice.  It was a long process, I looked online every day.  Most of the boxers that were posted were either too far for transport or had already been adopted.  It was sad, we […]

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Bella The White Angel

Congratulations to Bella, the winner of the Daily Boxer Halloween Photo Contest.  Bella’s picture was submitted by Kerri Henderson.  When I asked Kerri about Bella’s story, she wrote: Bella is my “Heart” dog. She was born November 2, 2010. She is a Special girl in every way. At 10 weeks I found out just how […]

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October is ALL about PINK!

October is all about PINK to help raise awareness about the importance of screening and the early detection of breast cancer.   While most of us know how to screen for breast cancer in people (i.e., mammograms), we should familiarize ourselves with the warning signs of cancer in our dogs.  In general, boxers are known to […]

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Boxer Dog Birthdays!

As we sang “Happy Birthday” to Daisy today, I started to think back to all of the boxer families who post pictures of their boxers on their birthday.  I concluded that maybe we weren’t so crazy after all, we just love our boxers.  So, I searched the internet and found out … there are a […]

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Reverse Rescue?

Sometimes we find boxers to rescue and sometimes boxers rescue us.  So I am calling it a “Reverse Rescue”.  I love that this story, not only has a happy ending but two happy boxers too! Kathryn writes: Hi there! The fawn one is our Molly Boo. She showed up one day a few years back at my […]

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Boxers and Weddings

It doesn’t surprise me that we (as boxer families) incorporate our boxers into everything.  On our wedding day, we took our pictures and then came back to take pictures with our boxers.  If I could’ve had them at the ceremony, I probably would have but the venue wouldn’t allow it.  Boxers become such a big […]

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Boxer Hip & Back Issues

    Lindsey’s Question: “I was just wondering if boxers have any back or hip issues? My girl Lucy will be a year next month and she always seems so slow and stiff when she gets up from laying down. Any suggestions or knowledge? … She loves running and has seemed really healthy. She doesn’t […]

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