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And Then There Were Two!

Margot and Guenther

According to the responses to our originally article titled "Are two Boxers, Too Much", most people felt the MORE boxers the BETTER!  Imagine our delight when we received feedback from Kris:

Hello Daily Boxer, Happy Holidays! I wanted to thank all the Daily Boxer readers for their wonderfully insightful comments to my story about adding another boxer to our family. I also wanted to give everyone an update.  We did add another puppy to our family back in April.  We adopted "Margot" from our local humane society when she was two months old.  She was listed as a "boxer mix" at the humane society but we quickly learned there is no boxer whatsoever in this puppy! Her characteristics are not boxer like at all.  She is a plot hound/black mouth cur mix.  Oh well, we love her just as much as we love our boxer Guenther.  Guenther and Margot are inseperable.  They love each other and also fight like brother and sister.  And Guenther still loves us the same too, I think! Sometimes when his sister is aggravating him he gives us that boxer look that says, "did you really think I needed a sister?"  Two is definitely twice the work and twice the mischief and mess but double the fun and love! I think our "dog family" is complete now as there is no more room in our bed!! As a side note, I never thought adopting a dog from the humane society was for me but I found out the process was more positive and rewarding than I thought it would be.  I would now encourage anyone thinking of adding a dog to their family to check out their local shelter or their boxer rescue.  Every dog deserves a good home!  I've attached a picture of Guenther and Margot for you to share on your website and Facebook. I would also like to comment on your story about "Gracie - the boxer mix"   Having a "mix" dog there is that added challenge of identifying what type of personality and characteristics they have and how to respond to them. Our mix is completely different than the boxer but really all the training techniques we learned for Guenther apply to her also.  I can say that with our boxer Guenther, help from a dog trainer was priceless!  We learned so much from her and use it every day.  We found that "training" is not a one shot deal.  You need to go through the commands and use them everyday to keep their mind busy.  Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise.  On walks we learned that "quality" not the length of the walk will make him use up his mental energy.  Like stopping along the way to have him "focus" or respond to a command.  Using "leave it" if you come across something in the path that he might think of picking up.  We also take them during different times like daytime and in the dark of evening (always wear reflective gear, we have a lighted leash also) and during different weather like after a rain or snowfall.  Consistency is important also, they are walked daily and look forward to it. Gracie is a beautiful dog.  The Boxer/Hound mix is a great combination. Thanks again Daily Boxer The website is great! Kris Jaeger

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  1. Charley Meendering December 18, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Boxers are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. I have two boxers myself and I don’t think I could ever go back to have just one!

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