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Can Boxers Tell Time?

Can boxers tell time? So, it occurred to me that boxers might be able to tell time.  Now we know that dogs live in the moment, and that is probably why they are happier than most of their humans, but do they know it is 5 pm?  Well, the same way a woman has a biological clock and people can train their bodies around their schedule (working nights, etc.), I believe that boxers, dogs, animals can tell time.  Sort of like an innate feature.  Now they may not track time as humans do (second, minute, hour).  But I do believe that they do have concept of time.  In addition, many other factors may contribute, learned behavior, routines, etc. So, let us look at daylight savings time for example.  Is this an example of routine or time?  Certainly, my boxers have their routine.  So, when the clocks fall back, my boxers still speak for their food.  So basically, after time change it is 4pm (previously 5pm), my boxers are whining to be fed.  Now you might think this is because it has been a long time since their morning feed but it is the same amount of time (8 hours). Another example would be bed time.  My boxers are tired and usually go to bed around 9pm (now 8pm).  And they stick to it.  So again, is this another example of routine? Or can they tell time. So, my final case and point is an example of the time our boxers are alone. So, 6 hours we are good -7 hours they are mad and let us know (chew something…like a box of tissues, a toy, etc.). Which brings me to my next question … do dogs have feelings? Think about your boxers, what do you think – can they tell time?

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