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Guest Writers Wanted!

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Do you have extensive knowledge when it comes to dog training, dog nutrition, adoption or anything in between? If your answer is yes, then we would love to have you write a guest post, or as many guest posts as you want, on the Daily Boxer. Maybe you have a blog of your own and want to get more exposure to your site by guest blogging on other pet related sites like ours. That’s fine too. Here are some ground rules before you apply to be considered: 1. Your content must be 100% original and high quality (It cannot be a copy of an existing piece of content you or someone else wrote.) 2. You must actually know what you’re talking about. We know what to look for and can tell when someone has actual knowledge on a subject, especially when it comes to Boxer related topics. 3. You must link back to our site. Pretty easy. If you can fulfill these 3 simple requirements, then you are more than welcome here :) Please send an email to contact [at] with the topic you want to write about and a sample of a previous article you’ve written. Thanks, JR – Chief Editor at the Daily Boxer

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