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Firefighters: One Boxer’s Heros

Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

An article and video from the Huffington Post.
A female boxer named Stella has the dedicated men of the Santa Monica Fire Department to thank for her new leash on life. Stella's owners weren't home when a fire broke out on Saturday morning in a 5-story apartment building, KTLA5 reports. She had hidden herself behind a mattress and was unconscious when firefighters found her. She'd suffered smoke inhalation, and it took a full 15 minutes with an oxygen mask before she started to respond. When Stella finally recovered, cheers erupted from the crowd that had gathered. A boy at the scene told KTLA, "Everybody got excited because it's a dog, man's best friend." The fire caused no injuries and Stella was taken to an animal hospital to continue recuperating.

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