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9 Steps To Prepare Your Dog For A Plane Ride

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taking a dog on a plane
Between packing, getting to the airport and waiting on lines air travel is a big hassle.  Now add your four legged friend to the mix and it's just down right unpleasant.  In this informative article you will learn 9 things you must do to prepare your pooch for air travel.   Below is a summary of steps:
  1. Call the airline to book your flight
  2. Schedule an appointment with your pet's veterinarian for your pet to receive a check-up
  3. Purchase an airline approved pert carriers
  4. Line the bottom of the carrier with paper towels and shredded paper for pet accidents
  5. Secure your pet with an identification tag and collar
  6. Write "LIVE ANIMAL" on the carrier with a permanent marker
  7. Use the permanent marker to mark arrows on the crate to indicate the upright position
  8. Tape a pouch of food on the outside of the carrier so airline staff can feed your dog in the event of a layover for dogs traveling in the cargo area
  9. Freeze a bowl of water to put in the carrier for your dog

Taking A Dog On A Plane

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