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Another Successful Rescue Story: Her Name Is Lola

I am always so happy to read and post successful rescue stories. All the stories are unique and so personal.  This story is about a boxer named Lola. Faith wrote:
Dear Daily Boxer, I first met Lola in a shelter's sick hold. She was underweight and had a bad case of kennel cough. I wasn't prepared to take a dog home. No kennel, no dog food, no leash...nothing for a dog. Annnnnd I had 5 cats at home. What would they do? What would she do? I decided that all of us were just going to have to work it out. And we did! She loves the cats and they love her! This pic is Lola's first morning. Homer was the welcome committee. He helped introduce the others to her. You can see how thin and scared she looked. Don't be sad, this girl has blossomed! lola2               This is from this afternoon in my office (yes, they work with me). Today is 5 weeks since I opened my home n heart to this girl. They are Inseparable!
Congratulations to Faith, Lola, and those beautiful cats!  Thank you for sharing! We'd love to hear YOUR boxer stories --> Email them to  or  

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