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Are Two or More Boxers Too-Much?


Kris writes:
I found your website this weekend and I am addicted!!  Mostly because I'm one of those crazy Boxer moms.  I really appreciated reading your story of how you added your second boxer.  We are going through that right now.  We also waited a long time to add Guenther to our home.  Mostly because my husband NEVER liked dogs.  Until our new neighbors moved in with their boxer.  He makes us laugh constantly when we would watch him through our patio door while he and his dog brother are out there.  My husband would go over and ask to take their dog for a walk!  Which they absolutely loved because they are a young busy couple and rarely have time to walk him.  Well, last March we brought Guenther home (from a breeder).  We thought we did our research and were prepared.  Why wouldn't we be prepared, we raised 3 kids who are now 20, 18 and 15!  Wrong, he is worse than any of my kids were as toddlers!  Thank goodness we didn't get a dog when our kids were young, I don't think I would have survived!  He is constantly on hyper-active mode until he flops down and passes out on the couch at night, all 90 pounds of him.  He is destructive and loud and we love him to death!  He is just the most beautiful, loving dog I've ever met!  We "think" we might want to add another boxer.  I think he would benefit from having a four legged friend to frolic with when we need a few minutes to get things done.  Right now he has to have our constant attention.  We had a deposit on a boxer puppy from the same breeder we got him from but a week before we picked her up we were notified that she had died from parvo.  I think the whole litter was lost.  I had requested a copy of the review from our state inspector and had found out that in December 2013 she had 3 litters of lab puppies (which we didn't realize she bred labs) and only 2 puppies out of those 3 litters survived.  It mentioned she was working with her vet to clear the parvo out of her environment.  I now have learned, the hard way, how much more research I needed to do.  I thought I had researched all the avenues on this breeder but were unaware of the "state inspection reports".  Anyways, my husband has been teetering with the fact that this might be a "sign" that we shouldn't get another one.  We do have a few other questions that your article didn't touch on and I was hoping you could give me some insight on. My husband's biggest fear is that if we add another dog, Guenther will abandon his humans and we won't want to "be" with us as much.  I think the opposite that we will have two sets of boxer lips drooling at my feet all the time!  Did your first boxer treat you any differently when you added the second one? Our dog trainer suggested waiting until Guenther is two years old to add another dog.  She says sometimes, dogs will revert to old puppy habits when a new dog is added.  And with boxers being perpetual children how do you know when the right time is?  He loves dogs and people so I don't think he would have any trouble getting along with another dog.  Plus, since we have worked with a trainer on some of Guenther's bad habits, I feel we are more prepared to be able to train a new one.  Plus, they really are smart and fun to train.  It's keeping their brains busy that's sometimes a challenge. I'm still weighing the puppy versus rescue option.  I do watch our states boxer rescue closely. So, any other insight you could provide on adding a second boxer would be appreciated.  They truly are like potato chips, you just can't have one!!
Daily Boxer Reply:
First, Guenther is beautiful!  And thank you for the compliments on our site. We fostered before rescuing Daisy. So we had the experience of a 2nd boxer, prior to the 2nd boxer.  Rosco just turned a year when we rescued Daisy.  Daisy was 8 months old.  They are 6 months apart in age.  Rosco is my Guenther (very needy, active, stubborn, smart, playful, and is always getting into mischief).  Daisy is much more calm, flexible, and go with the flow.  I often wonder if she is this way because of her experiences prior to our family (see article .   At first, I hoped Daisy would rub off on Rosco and chill him out a bit ... yeah well, that didn't happen.  But it didn't change Daisy into a crazy pup either.  Rosco is dominant of the two.  What I found was that, Rosco became a bit jealous (still is at times).  If you show Daisy affection, he will get in the middle.  Daisy followed Rosco mostly but it truly was a match meant to happen.  Rosco takes care of her too.  If I let Daisy outside and walk away from the door, Rosco scratches and follows me around until I let him out so he can be with her. They play (boy do they play and entertain each other). It will definitely give you some down time, my  husband and I laughed when you said " My husband's biggest fear is that if we add another dog, Guenther will abandon his humans and we won't want to "be" with us as much."  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, you husband can rest assured that in this case, (like you said) you will have 2 boxers sitting and drooling ON you!  Rosco and Daisy not only entertain each other but sleep together, exercise (run), play, drool, wiggle (although in opposite directions) and seek constant attention from us.  2 (or more) is definitely better than 1!    I hope that helps.  If I might add 1 more thing... I would say RESCUE!  You don't know what you are getting with breeders (as you have already found out) and you don't know what you'd be getting with a rescue but ... with a rescue, you will certainly save a boxer and get what you need as well.  In addition, if you rescue a young boxer (not necessarily a puppy) you don't have to do the puppy thing (which I wouldn't sign up for if someone paid me). 
Now it's your turn to respond to Kris.  For those of you who have more than 1 boxer, should she get a second boxer?  Should she rescue?  

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16 Responses to Are Two or More Boxers Too-Much?

  1. Kim April 29, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

    I say YES. I also say adopt DON’T shop for your Boxer! I had 3 and lost one a week ago. They all had different personalities and got along great. I wasn’t expecting the third but when I was asked to take her I couldn’t say no. Since Zeus has passed its been very different. I miss him greatly. Go for it you wont regret it.

  2. Robert April 30, 2014 at 1:07 am #

    I love this article, it really makes me want to foster a second boxer to see how it works with my Rocky. My wife’s biggest concern is that she won’t be able to walk both dogs when she works from home and she doesn’t want to leave one at home and walk the other. She only weighs 110lbs so I understand her concern that two could easily out muscle her. Rocky is 16 months old and has already been through puppy class and one obedience class. She walks fine most days beside my wife on leash, however she has her moments of stubbornness and still struggles when something really catches her interest. Any tips for one person walking two boxers? Have you had any similar experiences?

    • Ashley August 12, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

      My family has two adult boxers and I weigh 119 lbs. I can’t walk them together its just a fact. I take one at a time when I am home alone during the day and we take them together whem my husband is home in the evening. They got used to it and know the drill.
      Oh and we are in the process of adopting a puppy to add to our herd. Lol
      Boxers are very addictive.

  3. Diane Morris July 15, 2014 at 9:15 pm #

    Have 4 and no problems. They love each other and love us. Boxers are like a bag of chips . You can’t have just 1 !

  4. Jacque July 16, 2014 at 1:04 am #

    Definitely get a 2nd boxer, 2 are so much easier than 1 because they thoroughly exercise each other. I have 3 and I handle it alone. Also, definitely rescue. A reputable rescue will work with you and help you find a dog that fits well with everyone in your family (2 and 4 legged).

  5. michelle July 16, 2014 at 11:42 am #

    Absolutely get another !!! They need a companion !! But this time may I suggest u rescue from a local boxer rescue group !! I always have and I’m on my 5 boxer !! I just got my Lexi at 6 years old ..she is the greatest girl Eva !!! They completely vet check the dog,all shots ,at or neuter and know his temperament with dogs kids and cats !!! There are so many out there that need homes!!! You could even try fostering first….see how your dog does!! Please consider this and good luck !!! Never enough boxers in the house !!!!!

  6. Michelle October 16, 2014 at 10:12 pm #

    Hi we are in the process of trying to get to male boxer puppies in the next month. just trying to do research trying to get everything together and ready to bring these two little ones into our home and into our lives. wanted to get some opinions on anything that maybe I’m not thinking of that maybe we should do before we bring them home. Would you sugguest both male or both female? Or one of each?

    • Daisy November 18, 2014 at 1:49 am #

      Sorry for such late notice. Two males or one male and one female are preferable when it comes to boxers. Rescue organizations often don’t place two female boxers together in the same home, mostly because later in life they tend to fight. Although I have never heard of this happening personally, boxer rescues seem to have that criteria. Just food for thought. Good luck and let us know how you do.

  7. Delia October 20, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    Kris. Don’t worry about your present boxer leaving his owners for the new addition. My first boxer, Joe is registered and an excellent example of the breed. I rescued Maggie 2 years after Joe and they both not only love each other but me as well. Maggie has a different personality than Joe and can be a bit more challenging, but they keep each other company and play both rough an loving with each other. Is it 10x the work having two rambunctious boxers? Yes!! But the love and joy they both will bring you is priceless!! I’m a single mom with two kids and I I wouldn’t’ part with either dogs (or kids) for the world.

  8. Marci November 17, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    I love this article! I had 2 boxers for 7 years until I lost my Jackson in September. He was a crazy, loud, destructive puppy as well that sometimes left me wondering if he was the right dog for me. When he was 1, I added a second boxer and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Tyson was a wonderful puppy, quiet and smart with a huge boxer personality. Jackson was always the leader and even though he bullied Tyson for the first year or so, they became the best of friends and Jackson focused his energy on playing with his brother instead of getting into the trash. They really balanced each other out and grew up to be the greatest team. Boxers love their parents and rather than lose Jackson’s attention, I got double the love and double the giant paws trying to knock me over when I got home from work! I had 7 great years with my amazing duo and even though I’m not ready to add another one just yet, in my opinion, boxers are at their best in pairs.

  9. Louise February 20, 2015 at 7:45 am #

    We got our Clyde as a puppy, my first boxer girl died at six years and i so missed her energy I had to get another. Clyde is 4 now and last August we rescued Dora, she was eight months then.They get on brilliantly, best pals and she has made him more active, two is best…but one is good two.I would have more, just waiting for the right time.

  10. Nancy July 5, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

    Absolutely! We had three boxers and life was always interesting. Never a dull moment. They kept each other company when we were gone and were such a comfort to come home too. Took a lot of loving discipline and training, but was worth every moment we shared with them.

  11. kathryn parrish February 11, 2016 at 5:00 pm #

    GO FOR IT!!!!
    I have always had boxers, I now have my 3rd and 4th. I started out with one, who died from cancer but just before she died we rescued another one, so there was some overlap. Then for the longest time I only had one, and have just rescued a second from Coastal Boxer rescue…..Even though it is a lot of work and time I don’t regret it and they both keep each other such good company when I am not at home. I am now considering a 3rd rescue! Its true they are like a bag of chips……YOu can never have just one!!!!

  12. Tony Monday August 3, 2016 at 5:40 am #

    Absolutely get the second one. I have a 3 year old female and a 2 year old male. I hadn’t intended to get the second but we are all happier because of it. Savannah (my baby girl) helped train Hercules (our handsome boy). Because she had a year head start his size was not able to dominate her. They are terrific with our kids and each other. I wouldn’t change a thing. True love and seldom apart more than few feet. Truly warms the heart to see them in action.

  13. Luis Ocasio March 19, 2017 at 12:31 am #

    I have a 8 months year old male boxer named Chuco. My fiancee and I are always at work and Chuco tends to stay at home by himself for most of the day. When we do get home, we dedicate our time to him with play and walks. Chuco is not nudered as I do want to breed him one day. However, I want to get him a companion/best friend. My question is if its ok to introduced a unspayed female boxer who is 7 months old that I am adopting from a friend that can not take care of her anymore? Please help!!

  14. Heather May 3, 2017 at 8:06 pm #

    We have recently took in another female boxer which is 2 . We have a 3 year old female now, and we decided to foster Maya and try it out . She’s been with us almost a week now and the 2 girls are inseparable . They love, kids and play 24/7 when we are home . We crate Maya during the day for training ,but once these 2 are together it’s non stop. We are glad they are companions and get along great but does this excessive over excitement calm down ? Our oldest is all over Maya and will not back off . We joke by saying she has forgotten all about us, will she ever come back to the loving, cuddle girl she was ? We also worry the boxer play style because her back right leg has a slight crutiat tear , that we know about but she’s never had much issues because she’s never had so much excessive activity . She doesn’t know when to stop and was limping for a day because of it . I’m bringing to think a 2nd boxer would not be a fit , but that makes me sad. I don’t know if I should wait it out , will it settle ?

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