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Reverse Rescue?

Molly Boo and Luther

Molly Boo and Luther

Sometimes we find boxers to rescue and sometimes boxers rescue us.  So I am calling it a "Reverse Rescue".  I love that this story, not only has a happy ending but two happy boxers too! Kathryn writes:
Hi there! The fawn one is our Molly Boo. She showed up one day a few years back at my boyfriends house and when her owners came to find her and take her back, she came right back! The original owners let my boyfriend keep her because he saw that she was happier with him. She has been an angel ever since and we are so in love with her! We assume she is about 4-6 years in age, she loves being outdoors, loves her belly rubbed, and never runs off because she knows who her family is 🙂 The white one is Luther! He is the most happy, loving, energetic boy! He is a kisser and gives hugs to everyone he meets! I raised him since he was 5 weeks old! He will be 3 years old in December. I've heard horror stories about what breeders do to white boxers because they are "different" and that's why I chose to raise a white one. I've never been happier! He is the love of my life and my boyfriend and I are so happy to have these 2 pups in our lives! They are the best of friends and we hope to have them for many more years!
Thank you for sharing your story.  We wish you all many more happy years together! Share your stories and pictures:  

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