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Reverse Rescue?

Sometimes we find boxers to rescue and sometimes boxers rescue us.  So I am calling it a “Reverse Rescue”.  I love that this story, not only has a happy ending but two happy boxers too! Kathryn writes: Hi there! The fawn one is our Molly Boo. She showed up one day a few years back at my […]

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Boxers and Weddings

It doesn’t surprise me that we (as boxer families) incorporate our boxers into everything.  On our wedding day, we took our pictures and then came back to take pictures with our boxers.  If I could’ve had them at the ceremony, I probably would have but the venue wouldn’t allow it.  Boxers become such a big […]

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Protect Your Boxer

Acepromazine and Boxers!

It has been well documented that Boxers have a sensitivity to the drug Acepromazine (Ace).  In 1997 there was a veterinary warning advising that it not be used for the Boxer breed.  The American Boxer Club website stated: There is one drug commonly used in anesthetic protocols that should not be used in the Boxer. The […]

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Boxer Crazies And Cows?

When you welcome a boxer in your family, anything goes.  And I mean just that -ANYTHING goes.  So it is not odd for us boxer lovers to find yourself laughing at the craziness that occurs.  It not only happens but, it happens often- well regularly.  As I was looking through you tube one day, I […]

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