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…And It Begins [VIDEO]

Here comes Santa Claus with the best gift EVER. Especially for ALL boxer lovers alike. If it can’t get any sweeter, the end of the video gives you a LAUGH OUT LOUD moment! “…and it begins” is the perfect caption and ending! Happy Holidays From Our Wiggle Butts to Your Wiggle Butts!

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Gingival Hyperplasia and Boxers Teeth

What is it? And why is it important for me to know? Let’s start with “what is it?”  Gingival Hyperplasia (also known as Fibromatous Periodontal Hyperplasia) are firm, non-painful swellings or lesions attached to the gingiva.   Basically the gum line looks like little tumors that grow slowly and start to surround and sometimes cover the teeth.  When this happens, […]

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October is ALL about PINK!

October is all about PINK to help raise awareness about the importance of screening and the early detection of breast cancer.   While most of us know how to screen for breast cancer in people (i.e., mammograms), we should familiarize ourselves with the warning signs of cancer in our dogs.  In general, boxers are known to […]

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Safety: Boxers and Children

Keeping both your children and boxers safe is important.  Children should be taught how to interact with all types of dogs.  As boxer families, I think we take for granted how loving, loyal, and gentle boxers are when compared to other dogs.  So it’s natural for our children to think that all dogs are like our […]

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Boxers and Cancer!

Most boxer owners have either experienced or heard that boxers have a high rate of cancer.  In a recent article posted by Science Daily about breed-specific causes of death, the following cancer/boxer information was reported: Golden retrievers and boxers are known to have high rates of cancer (50 and 44 percent of deaths, respectively), but the researchers […]

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Help For Thunder-Phobic Boxers

New research from Penn State suggests that consoling your dog does little to relieve their anxiety during a thunderstorm.  Science Daily reports: Thunderstorm-anxious dogs not only suffer classic signs of fear — including pacing, whining and hiding during a storm — but also show a 207 percent spike in the production of cortisol, a hormone […]

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Boxers Associate Words Differently Than Us

  Recent research suggests that our boxers (and all dogs) learn to associate words differently than we do.  Science Daily reports on a study that suggests that dogs associate objects by size or texture and NOT by shape:  The article concludes that… Though your dog understands the command “Fetch the ball,” but he may think […]

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Boxers: Average Weight and Differences in Styles

The following is a recap of a conversation about Average Weight and Style Differences in Boxers. Dennis’s 1st Question about Weight: “My Sammy is 90lbs. and what I’d like to know is just how big do they [boxers] get? Most sites say 70lbs.” Sammy is 6 years old and was rescued by Dennis when he […]

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