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[VIDEO] Boxer Puppy Goes Marbles

I’ve seen a lot of videos and this one actually had me giggling aloud.  This adorable Brindle Boxer Puppy is going marbles.  Literally going marbles over a bag of marbles.  Enjoy! If you liked this video, please check us out on and Pinterest too!

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News Update: NFL Star Abandon’s Boxer Puppy

The Daily Boxer recently reported an article about NFL star Michael Bennett abandoning a boxer puppy. Recently, Michael Bennett was ordered by a Florida court to pay $8K for abandoning the boxer puppy as reported by Bennett is facing additional interest for every day he ignores the bill. This is another example of how […]

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Boxer Puppy Bliss (video)

Boxer puppies are the sweetest things you’ve ever seen. Since boxers are the only dog that actually has the mentality of a puppy it’s whole life, we (as boxer lovers) always get the puppy in the boxer. They are just get a little bigger. Last year, Rosco was hopping around like a nut while I […]

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Crazy Boxer Dog Entertains (boxer video)

Boxers always find fun, mostly because they are always emotionally as old as a toddler.  But who would’ve thought that a plastic sheet would create so much entertainment for this funny boxer puppy.  So if your boxer is all cooped up because if the snow, go to home depot and find some plastic sheets, it […]

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The Boxer Alarm Clock (videos)

How do you wake up?  Well if you live with a boxer, I already know your answer.  It’s been 5 years since I used my alarm to wake up in the morning. You know your can’t resist that little face in the morning. It truly is much better than that alarm clock sound. Here are a […]

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Boxer Puppy vs. Piece of Wood (funny video)

Just another form of entertainment for this boxer puppy. These videos never get old- absolutely hilarious! Please share your funny videos or stories at and go back to and ‘like’ or ‘share’ this article/video.

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NFL Star Abandon’s Boxer Puppy

TMZ reports that NFL Star Michael Bennett abandoned his 4 month old boxer puppy in at the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility in March, 2013. This is just another sad story for this beautiful boxer.  The boxer was left at the facility for 4 months while bills racked up to $5,000 and were unpaid.  The boxer was given to […]

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Boxer Trust

3 Ways to Gain your Boxers Trust

Dogs Trust …is something that is earned and not automatically given.  It may take some time and training depending on your boxer’s personality, temperament, dominance, and level of fear to get them to trust you. Rosco was a shy, timid, fearful boxer puppy when we first met.  In a small 5’ x 5’ cubical in […]

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