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Boxer Puppies Howl (video)

I could watch this again and again.  Junebug’s adorable puppies sure know how to howl, sleep, and play already. Please share your funny videos or stories at and go back to and ‘like’ or ‘share’ this video.

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Gingival Hyperplasia and Boxers Teeth

What is it? And why is it important for me to know? Let’s start with “what is it?”  Gingival Hyperplasia (also known as Fibromatous Periodontal Hyperplasia) are firm, non-painful swellings or lesions attached to the gingiva.   Basically the gum line looks like little tumors that grow slowly and start to surround and sometimes cover the teeth.  When this happens, […]

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Do you talk to your boxer(s)?

American Humane Association states: Almost half of the pet owners surveyed admit they sometimes talk to their pet. And 80% of those people stated that on those occasions, the animal seemed to respond by means of sounds, facial expressions, or body language. So reading this got me thinking.  Do you talk to your boxers?  My […]

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How to Crate Train in 4 Easy Steps!

Before we talk about the 4 easy ways to crate train your boxer.  There are a few things you should consider first*.  The following are a list of behaviors and issues that should be addressed prior to crate training: Dogs who suffer from fears or anxiety should not be confined in a crate. Dogs that have damaged the crate […]

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The Boxer Alarm Clock (videos)

How do you wake up?  Well if you live with a boxer, I already know your answer.  It’s been 5 years since I used my alarm to wake up in the morning. You know your can’t resist that little face in the morning. It truly is much better than that alarm clock sound. Here are a […]

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Can You Help Rocky? reported (Wednesday, February 19, 2014) that Rocky is a boxer that is need of a loving home.  The article states … Rocky has the heart and soul of a champion. All this boxer needs now is for a winning team to step up and give him a second chance at the happy ending that has […]

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Boxer Puppy vs. Piece of Wood (funny video)

Just another form of entertainment for this boxer puppy. These videos never get old- absolutely hilarious! Please share your funny videos or stories at and go back to and ‘like’ or ‘share’ this article/video.

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What does it mean when my boxer yawns?

What does it mean when my boxer yawns? Well, it depends. While a boxer is resting -a yawn may mean tiredness (seems pretty obvious to us). However,  if your boxer is excitable one second and yawning the next- well that behavior can be observed a little differently.  In an article posted by Psychology Today, yawning is said to have […]

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Thunderleash Product Review

The Thunderleash is a leash that can quickly and easily turn into a “no pull” harness. I have used this leash with 65 pound boxer for about 2 years and I can honestly say, it’s my go-to leash.  Mostly because it avoids me having to use a choke collar.  This leash is a safe and effective alternative to controlling your boxer […]

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Protect Your Boxer

Acepromazine and Boxers!

It has been well documented that Boxers have a sensitivity to the drug Acepromazine (Ace).  In 1997 there was a veterinary warning advising that it not be used for the Boxer breed.  The American Boxer Club website stated: There is one drug commonly used in anesthetic protocols that should not be used in the Boxer. The […]

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