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Boxers: Average Weight and Differences in Styles

The following is a recap of a conversation about Average Weight and Style Differences in Boxers. Dennis’s 1st Question about Weight: “My Sammy is 90lbs. and what I’d like to know is just how big do they [boxers] get? Most sites say 70lbs.” Sammy is 6 years old and was rescued by Dennis when he […]

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Boxer Hip & Back Issues

    Lindsey’s Question: “I was just wondering if boxers have any back or hip issues? My girl Lucy will be a year next month and she always seems so slow and stiff when she gets up from laying down. Any suggestions or knowledge? … She loves running and has seemed really healthy. She doesn’t […]

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Dog Park: Is Your Boxer Safe?

Are your dogs up-to-date on all the important vaccines?  When going to a dog park or in a public place with your boxers.  They come into contact with a lot of things.  Can you guarantee that they are safe.  Recently NBC posted a story on the increase of a deadly disease that has infected dogs […]

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