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5 Things To Look For in Quality Dog Food

This post is about gas.  Not the gas that keeps your car running or the gas that heats your home… I’m talking about the gas that comes out of your boxers body that can clear a room in seconds. You see, my boxers have very sensitive stomachs (as do most Boxers) and for years I was […]

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Shop for your dog online? Want to earn CASH?

  I usually don’t brag but I am now because I just got a $25 check for shopping for the dog food through Ebates.  Here is how it works… Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them […]

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5 Steps to Choose a New Dog Food

So if your boxers are anything like our boxers, they are finicky when it comes to food.  Our boxers either end up with an allergy flare ups, digestive issues, or become extremely flatulent (stinky butt).  So when we find a dog food that works, we try and stick to it.  Unless it’s recalled or makes the pups sick. Recently our […]

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12 foods you should NEVER feed your boxer!

It is very common that every once in a while your boxer will eat people food.  Although these foods can be healthy for people, many are dangerous and sometimes deadly foods for dogs.  Below is an alphabetized list of some dangerous foods your dog should never eat. If your Boxer (or any dog) does ingest any of these foods, […]

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Homemade Dog Food Could Harm Your Dog

A July 23, 2013 study conducted by US Davis found that homemade dog food often does not provide the essential nutrients required by your dogs body.  To ensure that you are not harming your dog with homemade dog food read the full article below. Homemade Dog Food Could Harm Your Dog

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