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ThundersSnap Leash Review

  The ThunderSnap Leash is such a cool leash.  So basically it has 2 parts, the leash and the collar cap that remains on the dogs collar (see picture to above). It utilizes powerful magnets (that hold up to 300 lbs.) with a ball-bearing latch mechanism to quickly secure the leash to the collar. So […]

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Help For Thunder-Phobic Boxers

New research from Penn State suggests that consoling your dog does little to relieve their anxiety during a thunderstorm.  Science Daily reports: Thunderstorm-anxious dogs not only suffer classic signs of fear — including pacing, whining and hiding during a storm — but also show a 207 percent spike in the production of cortisol, a hormone […]

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Cure For Dog Anxiety?

Does your dog go completely bonkers when they sense a thunderstorm approaching?  Is your dog overly anxious when you have guests over the house or there is construction in the area? Dogs with anxiety issues cannot control these feelings and express their anxiety through erratic behavior and/or hiding until the commotion has ended.  This is […]

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