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I Beat Cancer – Naturally: Daisy’s Story

Daisy was 5 years young when she developed Squamous Cell Carcinoma in her mouth. We sort of stumbled upon it when she needed her gum line contoured due to Gingival Hyperplasia. One thing led to another and Pandora ’s Box was opened. My husband and I had purchased pet insurance through VPI approximately 6 months […]

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4 Tips About Training Deaf Boxers

First, A boxer is a boxer whether they are deaf or not.  A deaf boxer needs the same things a hearing boxer needs.  They just need it in a different way.  Just like humans rely on other senses when one is impaired- dogs do the same, they compensate.  Deaf boxers utilize vibration and movement to […]

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Revving Up and the Summer Heat

As the summer kicks into full gear it is important to remember safety for your boxer.  Many people love to bring their boxers on fun excursions throughout the summer (I know we do).  It is important to remember that although bringing your boxer(s) along for the ride and fun, running into the local gas station […]

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Daisy’s Rescue -A Story of Hope and Resilience

Daisy’s rescue began in 2009.  After we fostered, we decided it was time for Rosco to have a permanent friend.  Rescuing was our first choice.  It was a long process, I looked online every day.  Most of the boxers that were posted were either too far for transport or had already been adopted.  It was sad, we […]

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Bella The White Angel

Congratulations to Bella, the winner of the Daily Boxer Halloween Photo Contest.  Bella’s picture was submitted by Kerri Henderson.  When I asked Kerri about Bella’s story, she wrote: Bella is my “Heart” dog. She was born November 2, 2010. She is a Special girl in every way. At 10 weeks I found out just how […]

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White Boxers Are …

White Boxers are NOT rare! White Boxers are NOT albino. White Boxers are at a higher risk for sunburn. Some White Boxers have the piebald gene which is linked to deafness. White Boxers are prohibited from breeding in every national boxer club in the world. White boxers can compete in non-conformation events (agility and obedience). […]

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