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Brrrrrrr 🐶 is your boxer cold ❄️?

Do you ever wonder if your boxer gets ❄️ cold? This video will give you some information about cold weather and dogs and 6 tips on how to protect your pups in the cold.
Since a few of you have emailed to find out where to buy the Animal Scents Ointment, I’ve provided the information below.
You can sign up for your own YL account by using this link. This will allow you to be part of the Daily Boxer team and have access to all the great resources we have for you.
This company also offers many other chemically free and safe products for both you and your boxers. I would be happy to educate you on other products, please don’t hesitate to email me at
If you’d like to try it first I can send you a free sample too (just email me your address).
Many wiggles, Dayna

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