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How To Exercise Your Boxer Properly!

So being a busy full time working mom, it sometimes seems nearly impossible to make everyone happy -including me.  How could I possibly keep my toddler occupied, exercise my boxers, and sneak in a workout for myself?  I am not a runner (or jogger) so I settle for a 2-3 mile walk each day the weather permits to exercise my active boxers.  At times, I am able to sneak a T25 (Shaun T) workout in the early morning hours (like 5 a.m.) for myself but these days I am much too tired.  So after constantly seeing Shaun T's Daily Motivational Facebook posts (which I LOVE but make me feel like crap for not working out), I decided I needed to find a way to make it all work.  I am sure that most people that pass me by are definitely calling me that "crazy boxer lady" or crazy girl for that matter but hey this works for me.  I will put a small warning prior to this video to say that my boxers are fully trained (they never pull) and listen and respond to verbal commands. Don't forget to 'like' our Facebook page at So how do you exercise your boxer and make it work for you? Send your videos to video pic1

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