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Varsity Ball Product Review (video)

The Varsity Ball is an outdoor play ball that is intended to be used for athletic and high-energy dogs.  It is designed to be ultra-durable and addictive and to mimic the movements of a live play companion, so your dog will play with it for extended periods of time independently. My 65 pound- high energy, destructive boxer has had this ball for about 1 year. Usually I buy basketball, which takes him about an hour to pop and a week to chew through.  I decided to give the Varsity Ball a try because it was 110% guaranteed. After an hour of taking it out of the box, I honestly said "I love this thing." It is larger than a basketball but that doesn't seem to matter to my boxer. He literally wears himself out. The Varsity Ball is made of good quality materials (it will not break).  It is easy to clean (hose it off). It keeps my boxer busy for hours and I will never have to waste money and buy another basketball again. The only issue I have with the Varsity Ball is that  it is made of very hard material which is the reason it lasts.  This ball gets kick around so much in my yard, I am actually afraid it might hurt someone or damage my fence and outdoor furniture. Overall, I think the Varsity Ball is worth every single penny.  Here is a video of Rosco (our boxer) having some fun with the Varsity Ball. It's your turn, do you have the Varsity Ball?  If so, please share your thoughts below or at Did you like this review?  If so, please go back to and ‘like’ or ‘share’ this article.  

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