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VIDEO: Boxer freaked out by a …

After you have the opportunity to love a boxer for a while, you come to realize- nothing they do surprises you, it just makes you laugh!  Leonardo, the boxer featured in this video, alerts everyone to let them know that nothing will get passed him including ... a leaf! Yes folks, a leaf- hope you get a smile from the cute video. This news article was originally posted to Yahoo News and reported ...

According to the dog's owner, Leonardo was barking quite a bit the other day. So the person, YouTube user "Senyin," went to see what was wrong. Turns out a breeze was blowing around a leaf, singular, on a ledge and scaring the you-know-what out of Leonardo.

Naturally, the owner took out her phone and recorded the incident. She uploaded it yesterday, and the 1:08-long clip has more than 50,000 views.

To the delight of his owner, the moving leaf kept puzzling the boxer. But eventually Leonardo snatched it with his mouth and brought it hard to the ground. He discovered that the object was inanimate and, by his standards, edible. He showed that leaf who was boss.

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